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Prof. Dr. Sitta von Reden


During the winter semester 2023/24 Prof. von Reden is on research leave. Her teaching responsibilities will be covered by PD Dr. Kerstin Droß-Krüpe.

Sitta von Reden is Professor of Ancient History with special focus on Ancient Greek History.

Her research and teaching focuses on ancient economic history, ancient world history, Hellenistic Egypt and the political culture of Greece and Athens from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period. She has published widely on monetary history, comparative economic cultures and economic ethics as well as editing several volumes on ancient economic history in its entire breadth. Her major project over the past years has been the publication of the interdisciplinary three-volume Handbook of Ancient Afro-Eurasian Economies published by de Gruyter Press between 2019 and 2023 and funded by the European Research Council with a Horizon 2020 Advanced Grant. Other activities include research on ancient benefactions and euergetism, the history of constitutionalism, and the comparative history of ancient empires.  Together with Christelle Fischer-Bovet of the University of Southern California she organized an international conference on this topic in 2016 entitled "Comparing the Seleucid and Ptolemaic Empires: The Role of Local Elites and Populations", the results of which were published by Cambridge University Press in 2020. Since 2011, she has been a sub-project leader in the Collaborative Research Centre 948 "Heroes - Heroizations - Heroisms" and, since 2020, Principle Investigator of the Graduate School 2571 "Empires: Dynamic Change, Temporality and Post-Imperial Orders" at the University of Freiburg. In addition to teaching at the Department of Ancient History, she has taught at the University College Freiburg and in the Master's program in Interdisciplinary Anthropology.



Recent Publications

Handbook of Ancient Afro-Eurasian EconomiesBasar_Bd. 2Basar Bd. 3

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